Food Allergy or Intolerance? What’s the Difference and How Do You Know? – NBC Chicago

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Food Allergy or Intolerance? What’s the Difference and How Do You Know? – NBC Chicago

Sid Fullarton might solely be 8 yrs previous, however He is properly Aware of his life-threatening meals allergic reactions.

“Eggs, nuts, seeds, fish, chickpeas,” Sid said, itemizing All of the meals he’s allergic to.

Sid carries a small Spiderman pouch with epinephrine and allergy drugs All by way of the place he goes. His youthful sister, 5-yr-previous Lola, has allergic reactions too.

“I’m allergic to The identical issues as Sid, Afacet from peas. And that i’m additionally allergic to meals dye,” Lola said.

Their mom, Shayna Fullarton, is so vigilant about whOn the Lake Forest househprevious eats, she started noticing she didn’t really feel properly after consuming sure meals, notably sushi and surf and turf, and went to her doctor.

“Through exams and blood work, we decided I had developed a shellfish intolerance Collectively with Ancompletely different issues,” Fullarton said.

A meals intolerance is completely different from a meals allergy, Based mostly on Dr. Ruchi Gupta, director of The center for Food Allergy & Bronchial asthma Evaluation (CFAAR) at Northwestern Feinberg School Of medicine and Lurie Youngsters’s Hospital.

Food allergic reactions are immune-mediated, so your immune system sees the meals as an invader and goes on assault, And that is a meals allergy,” Dr. Gupta said. “An intolerance, on The completely different facet of the spectrum, Is usually your lack of ability to digest the meals.”

Through the pandemic, Dr. Gupta wrote a e-book, “Food With out Fear,” To assist people decide, forestall and deal with meals-associated factors.

“Eighty-5 million adults are avoiding meals Inside the U.S., however A lot of occasions you eat a meals and have a adverse response, After which you undoubtedly Do not go to A doctor to get a analysis,” Dr. Gupta said.

Getting that analysis Might be life-saving. Almost half of the Greater than 26 million American adults with a meals allergy, about 10% of all adults, developed A minimal Of 1 meals allergy after the age of 18.

Ogie Ezeoke is Definitely one of them. She grew up consuming crab, lobster and crawfish, however in school, she went to the emergency room after consuming a lobster patty.

“I acquired epi on The biggest method and acquired epi On the hospital and I acquired examined and found I had a shellfish allergic reactions,” Ezeoke said. “I really feel A lot Of people aren’t conscious that This will happen later in life.”

Dr. Gupta says writing down your signs Is very important to figuring out Do You’d like to can have a meals allergy or intolerance.

“If You are Not sure what It is, then it’s important to go to your primary care doctor, your internist, your pediatrician. Take your signs, all that information and then They will Decide,” Dr. Gupta said.



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