Experience with polyethylene glycol allergy-guided risk management for COVID-19 vaccine anaphylaxis – DocWire News

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Experience with polyethylene glycol allergy-guided risk management for COVID-19 vaccine anaphylaxis – DocWire News

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Allergy. 2021 Nov 22. doi: 10.1111/all.15183. On-line forward of print.


BACKGROUND: Polyethylene glycol (PEG) might elicit anaphylaxis to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and steerage for sufferers In hazard Is required.

Strategies: In retrospective sufferers with PEG allergy collected from 2006 till 2019, medical, pores and skin, and basophil activation look at (BAT) traits discriminative for PEG allergy have been analysed and in contrast with the literature. In 421 potential exact-life sufferers apores and sking for allergy workup for COVID-19 vaccine hypersensitivity in 2020/2021, hazard evaluation was carried out and tolerance of the useful vaccination strategy was assessed.

Outcomes: Ten sufferers with PEG allergy have been found Inside the retrospective cohort. Patients reacted with quick anaphylaxis (100%) to PEG-based mostly laxatives/bowel preparations or injections, However in addition chilly medicine, antiseptics, analgetics or antibiotics. Skin look ats ± BAT with PEG ± elicitors have been constructive in 10/10. Provocation look ats have been constructive in 7/9 sufferers. From The potential cohort, 370/421 sufferers self-reporting elevated hazard for vaccine allergy lacked standards necessitating allergy workup and have been useful for routine vaccination. 51/421 sufferers have been look ated and three (6%) with PEG allergy have been recognized, wright hereas 48 sufferers remained adverse in pores and skin look ats. Vaccination was useful in all these sufferers. No hypersensitivity reactions have been reported to vaccination collectively with six PEG-allergic sufferers tolerating COVID-19 vaccination.

CONCLUSIONS: Taking An in depth historic previous excluded PEG allergy in most referred sufferers and enabled direct protected vaccination. Immediate urticaria/anaphylaxis to typical elicitors recognized sufferers requiring PEG allergy workup. Skin look ats ± BAT recognized PEG allergy and helped To choose the vaccine and the vaccination strategy. Even PEG-allergic sufferers can tolerate COVID-19 vaccines.

PMID:34806775 | DOI:10.1111/all.15183

Source: https://www.docwirenews.com/abstracts/experience-with-polyethylene-glycol-allergy-guided-risk-management-for-covid-19-vaccine-anaphylaxis-2/


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